Top tips for running Daman’s ActiveLife Beach Run at Sunset Beach in Dubai

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Will you be running on Sunset Beach this Friday?

With just a few days until the third edition of the popular Beach Run event returns in Dubai, we’ve put together our combined best pre and on-the-day running tips no matter what distance you’re tackling in the non-timed event.

These are applicable to avid runners or those of you who are lacing up your trainers for the first time this Friday (February 23). If you’ve not signed up yet, you still have time:

Here’s our six top tips:


Don’t eat anywhere you wouldn’t normally before you start running and consume breakfast at least two hours before you begin to avoid any stomach upset. Keep things simple with things like fresh fruit, porridge oats and regular cereal.


We are still in February but noticeably the temperature has gone up a few notches over the past week or two. The Beach Run is a nice and early start to kick-off your weekend so it shouldn’t be too hot, but still, drink plenty of water before, during and after your run to stay hydrated. You can also mix it up with an electrolyte drink ahead of and during the run, with a protein shake after to aid muscle recovery.


Runners will take part in a mass warm-up before each of the three races so make the most of this to ensure your body is ready for running! It’s also vital to stretch, twist, bend and rotate so you’re feeling nice and loose. Specifically, you want to target your hamstrings, quads, calves and glutes as well as stretch out your hips.


Running on sand compared with a soft spongy track, hard road surfaces or even a treadmill is a completely different experience and feeling. There is perhaps a school of thought that running on sand isn’t good for your body but that’s not the case. It actually helps strengthen your ankle joints and general flexibility. Try and keep nice and light on your feet – and not run too much on your heels and you’ll enjoy it.


Most importantly, just enjoy the event – whatever distance you’re running. Have fun with friends and family, soak up the atmosphere in the race village afterwards and take some photos for social media – posing with your medals! Make sure you get the iconic Burj Al Arab in the backdrop, too! If you are new to running, hopefully the Beach Run has helped you find a new passion!


I’ve touched on this but stretch out and keep moving immediately after you stop running, resist the urge to sit down and stay stationary as this can make you feel some cramp. Get some fluids on board and a post run snack.

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