New Abu Dhabi Schools Champions multi-sport league launched

David Cooper - Writer 17:00 29/09/2019
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Abu Dhabi Sports Council, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and the Department of Knowledge and Education, have announced the launch of Abu Dhabi

Schools Champions (ADSC), a new multi-sports league to develop and empower youth sports and athleticism and embed healthy lifestyles among school children in Abu Dhabi.

The announcement about this groundbreaking initiative was made at a press conference held today at Abu Dhabi Sports Council in Abu Dhabi in the presence of H.E. Aref Hamad Al Awani, Secretary General, Abu Dhabi Sports, Mr. Humaid Abdulla, Director of Student Affairs, Ministry of Education and Mr. Nasser Khamis, representing the Department of Education and Knowledge and Mr. Hussein Murad, CEO, Inspiratus, the organizing company for the tournament.

ADSC will be open to all public and private schools, free of charge, encouraging the youth of Abu Dhabi to be active, gain tournament exposure at world-class standards and to be discovered by Abu Dhabi clubs.

This is a very significant announcement which delivers on Abu Dhabi Sports Council’s vision and leadership’s directive to elevate the level of school sports in the country and the shared vision with the UAE educational authorities’ mission to raise a healthy future generation.

Taking place across Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra, Abu Dhabi Schools Champions and targeting all 411 private and public schools, it will enable all public and private school children in Cycles 1, 2 and; 3 in the Emirate to compete in 7 sanctioned sports: football, basketball, volleyball, handball, athletics, swimming and gymnastics. Partnering with Abu Dhabi Clubs, Abu Dhabi Schools Champions will create a pipeline of athletes for UAE clubs, through its talent identification platform. Scouts will be invited to all games to identify
and select talents for their teams and scouted talents will undergo a selection process with rounds of trials and annual announcements for selected players.

Speaking at the press conference, H.E. Aref Hamad Al Awani, Secretary General, Abu Dhabi Sports Council, said: ”We are proud to launch the Abu Dhabi Schools Champions today, with our partners the Ministry of Education and the Department of Education and Knowledge and which is paving the way for youth to cultivate their sporting talents and aptitudes, and encourage their passion to excel. The tournament is in line with the Council’s mission to advance sporting excellence and create home-grown sporting superstars and role
models, while also encouraging healthy habits through sports from a young age that will become life-long healthy lifestyles.”

He continued: “Under the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Nahyan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi Sports Council is committed to bring to life innovative and effective sports initiatives such as Abu Dhabi Schools Champions that serve all members of the entire community and raises their level of awareness in relation to the vital role of sports and specifically the role of school sports, which represents an essential pillar of sports development and excellence.”

Mr. Humaid Abdulla, Director of Student Affairs, Ministry of Education, said: “Through our partnership with the Abu Dhabi Sports Council and
the Department of Education and Knowledge, we seek to provide students with opportunities to participate in professional world-class competitions. The Abu Dhabi Schools Champions provides such opportunities which promote schools sports excellence, while nurturing students’ physical, mental and emotional development.”

Mr. Nasser Khamis, representing the Department of Education and Knowledge said: “The Abu Dhabi Schools Champions is a valuable initiative we are committed to supporting with our partners, the Abu Dhabi Sports Council and the Ministry of Education. Designed to mainstream sports to become part of students’ daily lives, it aims to transform schools into a nurturing environment for sports and one focused on cultivating a new generation of sports leaders empowered with the skills to strengthen Abu Dhabi’s and the UAE’s role in the
international sports arena.”

Hussein Murad, Chief Executive Officer of Inspiratus, the sports management company of the Abu Dhabi School Championships said: “We are proud to partner with Abu Dhabi Sports Council, the Ministry of Education and the Department of Knowledge and Education on this grassroots initiative to elevate the level of sports in Abu Dhabi, empowering youth sports and athleticism in Abu Dhabi and developing a pipeline of future athletes. The new league will also play an important role in developing youth healthy lifestyles and overall youth development at all levels. It will help them not only develop their sports skills, but also develop their leadership skills, including teamwork, focus, humility and commitment.”

The league will be played in world-class venues, including those belonging to the Ministry of Education in all three locations. In addition, venues include New York University, Abu Dhabi Cricket Club and Little Stars in Abu Dhabi, Repton College in Al Ain, and Ruwais Private School in Al Dhafra.

All tournaments across all sports will follow official league rules and regulations adopted by local and international professional sports associations.

The Finals for all seven championships will be held in Abu Dhabi and will include an awards ceremony announcing the winners and recognizing outstanding athletes. Prizes include professional training camps with Abu Dhabi Sports Council’s global partners, trips to see live professional league matches and visit some of the world’s best sports clubs as well as tickets to global sports events organized by Abu Dhabi Sports Council, where they will meet the world’s leading

Registration starts on 29 September, 2019 and the season runs November 2019 – March 2019 in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra. For registration and more information visit

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