#360reviews: Speedo makes staying fit in the UAE summer easy

Sport360 staff 12:38 28/04/2016
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Stay fit with Speedo this summer!

Moving to the UAE presents expats with a plethora of new opportunities, both in business and outside of the office.

As a journalist, these opportunities are narrowed somewhat by strange working hours but as a sports fanatic, this scribe decided that taking up swimming on a daily basis would be a great idea.

The sport has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity in the region in recent years due to its accessibility to participants young and old, competitive and casual.

It was wholly apt and very well received therefore, when a stylish duffel bag from Speedo containing high quality goggles, a towel and a water bottle arrived at the office desk.

Through these four carefully selected items Speedo have captured the essence of what being fit in the UAE is all about, while encouraging users to make use of all the region’s natural resources to keep healthy and fit.

The towel is quick-drying, lightweight and is perfect for the pool, gym or just a lazy day at Kite Beach. Being 100% cotton ensures it is stylish, comfortable and durable too.

The duffel bag is stylish enough to satisfy UAE’s most fashion-conscious residents, while the lightweight design, drainage holes and non-slip strap ensure that it is also a very practical item for wet areas around the pool and changing room.

The most important part of the package is the water bottle. Good hydration is the golden rule of good health and smashing PB’s in the pool will not be possible without it. The 800ml capacity ensures that there are minimal refill breaks during exercise too.

The goggles feature Speedo’s latest anti-fog technology, which is especially useful for a wannabe triathlete. The UV protection ensures that there is minimal glare from the Middle Eastern sun, while the snug fit meant no stopping to empty out leaking water.

As a leading swimwear brand there is always pressure on Speedo to deliver, but their latest range of apparel for the pool will suit the needs of any swimmer, whether professional or beginner.

We rate the kit: 9 out of 10: Practical, fun and underpinned by a great message.
Where to Buy: Available at Stadium and major sport stores across the Middle East.

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