#360reviews: ClassDive suits the needs of all Dubai residents

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  • ClassDive caters for every taste in fitness.

    Ever since leaving school I have tried to maintain fitness levels by going to the gym around two or three times a week.

    It became a very comfortable routine that, while not thrilling in any way, seemed to do the job adequately. However not once did I question whether there was a type of training I may really enjoy doing, or even benefit more from.

    After moving to Dubai I decided it was time to find a new fitness activity, but had no idea where to start. I wanted something constant that would take me out of my comfort zone, but also a fitness timetable that could be molded around my irregular work patterns as a sports journalist.

    A friend recommended ClassDive, which is a subscription service that allows you to sign up for a wide variety of fitness classes. The AED209/month Basic package lets participants choose up to four classes a month, while the AED399/month Flexi Fit gives users unlimited access.

    I excitedly signed up and, one month on, am happy to report that I feel entirely rejuvenated for doing it.

    The variety was remarkable and there was something to fit every taste. I signed up to four new classes, which would ensure that I was able to experience the wide variety on offer. My chosen activities were located in very close proximity to my marina base and I was never left disappointed by a lack of space for my preferred timings.


    As soon as I saw the bootcamp’s SkyDive Dubai location, I signed up straight away. Despite the rapidly-rising May temperatures, exercising outdoors is one of my favourite things to do and this option was a superb combination of core strength exercises intertwined with some light cardio work. One hour was enough to ensure I had the best night’s sleep in a long time!


    To say flexibility is not my forte would be a huge understatement, and subsequently I have always steered clear of yoga. However with ClassDive I was able to try out a session and see if I enjoyed it – which I thoroughly did. Participants are allowed to use props to support the more difficult positions and it proved the perfect, relaxing way to end a hard week.


    I usually work an evening shift on Saturday and what better way to blow out any tiredness resulting from Friday night than with a spinning session. The instructors cycle with you and the music helps motivate the group to get a good sweat on. After about 40 minutes my T-shirt was drenched but surprisingly I was not feeling at all tired.


    A few years ago I did a couple of weeks kickboxing training in Thailand and this was the perfect opportunity to get back in the groove. The group featured participants of all abilities and the Fit Boys instructors made sure the whole group were fully involved and had a lot of fun despite being totally exhausted at the end.

    The ClassDive software is simple, easy and clean to use. It actually became a highlight of the day to surf the website and find my next activity. In this way I was able to plan my exercise around work and never experienced the monotony of plodding along to the same four walls.

    Perhaps one of the key features of a ClassDive membership is the social element incorporated in class exercise. It was fun to meet like-minded, new people in the area and getting a sweat on is certainly a lot easier when everyone is in it together. Who knew that spinning would become my new favourite pasttime?

    ClassDive is a must for any Dubai resident looking to diversify their fitness routine and meet some excellent people along the way. With just one payment to make it’s definitely the best gym I’ve ever been a member of!

    To see all other fitness classes available and to start your fitness adventure, visit the ClassDive website here.