#360reviews: Make your mark on the tennis court with K-Swiss' new shoe

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K-Swiss' shoe is ideal for the grass-court season.


Performance meets style with the K-Swiss Hypercourt, which brings back elements from the brand’s early days.

When you think of K-Swiss, you think of tennis because 50 years ago, the company inspired the original tennis shoe.

The Hypercourt goes back to its roots with a shoe that the most serious players can wear with confidence on the court.

There’s little need to break these in as they come out of the box responsive and ready to go.

When you slip them on your feet, you immediately notice how lightweight they are and can imagine flying around the court with ease.

The low weight, combined with how low they sit to the ground, makes this shoe feel almost like a second skin.

The concern, of course, would be they don’t provide enough support, but the wider base in the forefoot and midfoot support system ensures your footwork will be sharp as you set up your shot.

Speaking of footwork, the herringbone-pattern outsole is both durable and abrasion-resistant to provide ultimate traction.

Style-wise, the K-Swiss touch is unmistakable.

As always, the signature stripes streak down the side of the shoe and provide a nice contrast to the main colourway, while the KSwiss logo sits well on the tongue.

The durawrap on the upper is meant to add durability and flexibility, but it also serves to break up what would otherwise be an aesthetically boring area around the toes.

That two-faced style continues on the in-step, which practically reverses the colourway from the rest of the shoe.

It’s not an overly-flashy product, but it’s fashionable enough to rock in between the lines. As far as performance shoes go, quality matters more than anything, but at least you won’t be compromising looking good with these.

We rate it: 9 out of 10: We enjoyed playing tennis in these and imagine they’ll last quite a while before having to be replaced.
Where to Buy: K-Swiss flagship store at Al Joud Centre, Al Quoz, Dubai.
Price: Dh475


As temperatures continue nudging upwards, Coega Sunwear has a swimwear solution to ensure your children remain safe in the sun whilst they play.

Extending from tiny tots to fashion-conscious teens, the Coega Sunwear kids’ collection spans everything from one-piece suits to slim-kini’s, so if your primary concern is that your children can safely play in the sun, you’ll find the collection a versatile choice for your family.

There are a multitude of options to choose from: for girls, full and 3/4 length leggings come in vibrant hues and can be paired with matching tunics and swim shaela’s and for boys two-piece suits, long-sleeved rashguards and swim shorts mean comfort and protection.

All items provide UPF50 sun protection.

Price: Ranges from Dh50-Dh210
Where to Buy: Adventure HQ, Atlantis Aquaventure, Beyond the Beach, Dreamland, GO Sport, Modell’s Sporting Goods, Sun & Sand Sports, Sun & Sand Sports Kids and Wild Wadi.



Between the Euros, the Copa America and the Olympics, this summer is all about sport and it’s a chance to don your country’s colours and show your support for your team and compatriots.

Ice Watch released the Ice-World collection sporting the national flags of various countries including Brazil, Spain, France, Germany, United States and Belgium.

The dial features the flag with the case and wristband in a matching national colour. Available in two sizes, this watch will get you ready for this summer’s sporting extravaganza.

Price: Dh420
Where to Buy: Ice Watch



The Straightset trainer is a new silhouette designed in clean lines and premium leather. The classic court-inspired sneaker has an athletic twist and is a casual urban must-have.

The suede collar on the shoe adds a contemporary vibe to the overall look of the shoe and works perfectly with jeans and a casual t-shirt. Lacoste continues to appeal to the fashion-forward consumer and the footwear line is no exception.

Modern designs and colours combined with classic shapes create a unique style that distinguishes Lacoste from other lifestyle brands.

Price: Dh730
Where to Buy: Lacoste stores


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#360reviews: Li-Ning Encore's, Oakley Collection, YEEZY Boost 750

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Show confidence on the court with Li-Ning Way of Wade 2.5 Encore.


When it comes to basketball shoes, the brand and the player behind it are everything.

The top-sellers are well known and very popular, which means they’re widely used by hoopers.

But when everyone is wearing the same thing, the footwear landscape becomes a bit dull.

Enter Li-Ning, a Chinese brand which is, for the most part, unfamiliar to many casual basketball fans, especially in the western hemisphere.

The company has put shoes on the feet of a number of former and current NBA players, including Shaquille O’Neal, but their biggest ambassador to date is Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade.

The two-time champion and eight-time All-Star has been one of the faces of the NBA since entering the league in 2003, so any shoe he wears has instant appeal for those trying to emulate him.

You could be like everyone else and wear the usual brands in your pick-up games and recreational leagues, or you could get your fellow hoopers’ attention with the Way of Wade 2.5 Encore.

Wade’s signature logo on the tongue is hard to miss, as are the unique colourways, which come in eye-catching forms such as Fontainebleau, Red Lava and Flamingo.

They may be flashy, but these shoes have also been built for supreme performance.

The WoW 2.5 Encore are immediately responsive out of the box, giving players a locked-in, stable feel, while providing breathability for your feet.

The cushioning is ideal and the durability means they’ll last you more than just a couple seasons on the hardwood.

Bottom line: if they’re good enough for Wade, they’re good enough for you. And the fact that you’ll see few others in these makes them feel exclusive.

We rate it: 9 out of 10: Stylish, functional and sure to draw eyes. Different is good.
Where to buy: Sportsone stores across the UAE
Price: Dh450


Hit the court ready to ball with the Li-Ning Wade V-neck t-shirt and shorts as part of the apparel collection.

They feature AWS Quick Dry Technology which helps you stay dry and comfortable at all times between the lines. Stretch technology focuses on giving even the most demanding user movement and flexibility.

The fabric consists of 100 per cent polyester fiber, so you won’t be weighed down by sweat-soaked clothing when the game is hanging in the balance.

Li-Ning Wade V-neck

Unlike many of his shoes and general fashion sense, the colour of the t-shirt and short is a fairly toned-down dark navy blue with gold trimming.

Wade’s signature logo and his ‘DWade’ nickname on the chest creates a simple, but elegant look that makes the t-shirt as fashionable as it is functional. The same is true of the matching shorts.

Price: Dh95 for V-neck, Dh115 for shorts
Where to Buy: Sportsone stores across the UAE


Oakley has launched a special-edition eyewear collection that harkens back to their first performance product which featured vibrant green.

All of the collection’s frames will be hand-painted green and contain Prizm lenses, a revolutionary technology that enhances detail with precise colour tuning.

The line-up includes EVZero, Jawbreaker, Radar EV Path, Flak 2.0 XL, RadarLock Path, Frogskins and Crosslink Zero RX.

Oakley Green Fade CollectionPrice: Dh875 to Dh1,075
Where to Buy: Select Magrabi Opticians stores and Oakley O-Stores.


The next version of Kanye West’s iconic footwear builds on the quality and creativity of its predecessor.

Featuring full length adidas BOOST cushioning technology and premium leather and suede heel lining, the light grey suede version are comfortable and exude style.

YEEZY1To get your hands on a pair, you’ll have to head down to the adidas Original store where you’ll register your name and contact details for the chance to win a draw to purchase the shoes.

It’ll be worth it to rock Ye’s creation.

YEEZY2Price: Dh1,395
Where to Buy: Adidas Original store and Level Shoe District, Dubai Mall

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#360reviews: Lacoste's summer shoes and this week's releases

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Use #360reviews to share with us your thoughts on the products.

The brand has reinvented the typical boat shoe and introduced the L.and sailing slip-on.

With the temperature in the UAE rapidly reaching boiling point, this light and airy shoes will mean your feet do not overheat.

Lacoste are renowned for their elegant take on the sports-casual market and these shoes are no exception.

Designed in bright and seasonal colours that are ideal for pairing up with shorts and a polo, the Lacoste Sport men’s boat shoes are great for casual wear.

Perfect for relaxed days in the city or on holiday, the shoes feature mesh uppers with faux leather detailing and a nautical lacing system.

A walk around Dubai Marina is guaranteed to be a comfortable experience, with these shoes fitting right in.

Renowned for classic styling, Lacoste has an unrivaled heritage in the sports fashion market.

The brand continues to appeal to the fashion-forward consumer and the footwear line is no exception.

Modern designs and color combine with classic shapes to create a unique style that distinguishes Lacoste from other lifestyle brands.

Price: Dh570
Where to Buy: Available at Lacoste stores throughout the UAE, including Dubai Mall and Jebel Ali Village


Dreams of a Refugee: From the Middle East to Mount Everest

Price: Dh98
Where to buy: Kinokuniya

The incredible story about how Palestinian refugee Mostafa Salameh had a dream about becoming the first Jordanian to climb Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak.

Forever Young: The Story of Adrian Doherty, Football’s Lost Genius

Price: Dh72
Where to buy: Amazon

Times journalist Oliver Kay presents the intriguing tale about the life and death of the eccentric footballer who had greater talent than Ryan Giggs but wanted to be Bob Dylan.



Price: Dh53
Where to buy: Amazon

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of England’s World Cup win, comes the story of captain Bobby Moore. Despite his glory on the pitch, plenty of tragedy is presented in this tale about arguably the greatest player in his nation’s history.

Point Break

Price: Dh111
Where to buy: Amazon

Fans of surfing will want to purchase this 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray release on pre-order, ahead of its June 13 release date. The movie is a 2016 remake of Keanu Reeves’ original, where a FBI agent infiltrates a young gang of enthusiasts.


Football Teasers Quiz

Price: Dh16
Where to buy: iTunes

The greatest test for die-hard football fans is back with a totally redesigned and redeveloped look from the ground up. More than 1,500 brain-challenging trivia questions are contained, with a new daily teaser also on offer.


Yoga Studio

Price: Dh16
Where to buy: iTunes

If you want to master the one-legged king pigeon pose or have your sights set on the rear end elevated downward dog, this is the perfect app for you. Expert guidance is on hand, with a series of easy-to-follow narrated videos.

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