#360reviews: 3M FUTURO Custom Dial products

Sport360 staff 21:00 28/07/2016
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It is quite common for athletes to sustain minor aches and pains during a practice or a game.

To ensure that active people always get the most out of their game or workout, 3M FUTURO technology has devised multiple products to support, heal injuries and avoid re-injury.

Designed to help individuals with a tennis/golfer’s elbow (epicondylitis), tendonitis and swelling, the FUTURO Sport Custom Dial Tennis Elbow Strap offers individuals a solution to commonly occurring problems.

This strap applies targeted pressure on the affected tendon without increasing pressure around the entire arm.

The pressure is delivered more accurately than standard elbow straps and is maintained until adjustments are made with a turn of the dial.

It provides a higher level of firm-stabilising support using a combination of power stretch and non-stretch materials and may include shock-absorbing materials to help relieve symptoms associated with strains, sprains, arthritis, repetitive stress injuries as well as helps prevent re-injury.

Not only does the strap offer immediate relief, the soothing gel pad conforms to the shape of the arm and offers the comfort needed on the tendon as it moves while the adjustable hook and loop strap with soft edges provides additional comfort.

How to buy...

  • Where to Buy: Pharmacies in the UAE, retail outlets and Dubai Duty Free
  • Price: Dh120-200

The feature that sets this strap apart from other elbow straps is the ability to adjust the support with custom dial technology allowing individuals to personalise compression levels.

Similar to this, FUTURO has also designed a support specifically for the knee – the FUTURO Sport Custom Dial Knee Strap.

It uses the latest technology to deliver accurate, targeted pressure on the knee tendon below the Patella bone without increasing pressure around the entire leg.

A simple turn of the dial lowers the pad to apply up to three times more pressure on the tendon, increasing and decreasing pressure without having to adjust the entire strap.

It relieves symptoms including patella tracking, arthritis, tendonitis, and irritation of the kneecap (Chondromalacia).

The FUTURO Custom Dial Wrist Stabilizer offers comfortable protection and firm support offered to the injured or weak wrists requiring stabilisation.

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