Sporting essentials: Barton and Iniesta books

Sport360 staff 14:30 30/09/2016
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Are you after a new football book to read or for that matter a game to play?

Check out out collation of this week’s top sporting essentials.

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Joey Barton No Nonsense

Price: Dh50

Where to buy: Amazon

Chances are, you have an opinion one way or another about Joey Barton. This charts his rise in the game as well as searching for some reason as to why those moments of controversy have happened… judge for yourself.

Frankel: The Superhorse
Where to buy: Amazon video

A documentary made all the more poignant by the passing of Sir Henry Cecil in 2013. With beautiful shots of Frankel in action interspersed with accounts and interviews from those who knew him best, it’s an immersive experience.

The Artist: Being Iniesta
Price: Dh40
Where to buy: Kinokuniya

One side of the football coin to the other. Iniesta is one of the foremost players of his generation but such is his understated style, little is known about the man. this reveals some surprising insights into his life.

Arnold Palmer: the Legends
Price: Dh100
Where to buy: Amazon

By no means a new documentary but given the recent sad news of palmer’s passing, this gives you the chance to see the seismic effect he had on the game of golf. made by The Golf Channel, with plenty of star input.

Nascar Heat Evolution
Price: Dh300
Where to buy: Amazon

Given the overall American-ness of the sport, this is likely to only have limited appeal but it shouldn’t take away from what is a hugely enjoyable racing game. With realism and a multitude of challenges, give it a spin.

Price: Dh30
Where to buy: iTunes

The handheld version of the popular console sim looks absolutely fantastic. It obviously lacks the depth of its bigger brother – especially statistically, which is a little frustrating – but is still worth a go for the odd game on the move.

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