REVIEWS: Garmin Forerunner 35

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Garmin Forerunner 35.

Slim and lightweight, Garmin’s new Forerunner 35 watch is perfect for tracking your daily runs, training or even your steps around the office.

There’s no need for any additional chest or arm straps either as the 35 comes with a built-in wristbased 24-7 heart rate monitor and GPS.

The watch is the complete package and it’s easy to track your time, distance, pace and intervals as well as walking, calories burnt and even how well you have slept!

And if you’re having a slow day – the watch sends you a vibration alert when it’s time to get moving and active.

Garmin Connect capture all of the above statistics and automatically sync the data with your smartphone, but the bonus is you don’t have to have your handset with you for this to happen.

You can also stay connected with friends and family through the Forerunner’s live tracking feature, allowing them to follow your activity in real time.

What better way to keep an eye on someone’s moves.

It’s easy to share your progress on social media and challenge yourself against others online too.

WE RATE IT: 8 out of 10: One of the most functional running watches out there and at a reasonable price, with some competitors now in excess of Dh2,000. It’s your ideal companion to help you reach your exercise goals and easily share your progress with others.

WHER TO BUY: GO Sport in Dubai, Mall of the Emirates.

PRICE: Dh859

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