REVIEWS: adidas ACE 17+ PureControl Blue Blast

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adidas ACE 17+ PureControl Blue Blast.

Adidas have beaten the competition black and blue after they unveiled the third design to the ACE 17+ collection.

And under the lights the Blue Blast boots are bold and beautiful. It’s not just an updated colourway from the previous ACE 17+ though.

There’s new features and new technology which elevates them to another level.

With a heavily backed campaign it’s fair to say they are the trending boot right now but the signature boot is more than worthy of the attention.

The ACE 17+ PureControl were late to join the party last year but for many they were the release of the year. For early 2017 it’s about upgrading what is already becoming an iconic look.

Firstly, the fit is otherworldly. With the inclusion of BOOST in the sole, the patented technology helps to provide supreme comfort and energy return with every step.

Of course, everyone familiar with the BOOST technology, which is harnessed in their popular line of trainers, can vouch for its serene support. Add in the Purecut sock system, a stretchable material which provides optimal fit, and your foot is locked in place to make the adjusting to the most complex movements smooth.

One innovation which caught our eye was the 36-degree fully primeknit upper. While this means the boots can be a little tricky to put on, though they do provide a handy shoehorn in the box, once in, they mould to the natural contours of your foot and allow the revolutionary luxury of a laceless design.

You can see some real care and attention has been given to every minute detail and it’s why Manchester United’s Paul Pogba and Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil will be unlocking opposition defences with them in the Premier League.

Comfort, stability and style are the three signatures for the ACE 17+ Blue Blast and with them on your feet you’ll be sure to leave an indelible mark on the game. Adidas have also released cage and street versions in a matching colourway to complete the full Blue Blast collection.

But having tried out the football boots for ourselves, we can safely say they are leading the charge for 2017.

Can be bought in all adidas stores in the region, including the new Mall of Emirates store and online at

PRICE: Dh1295

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