Anta KT3 Playoffs hit the mark like Klay Thompson's sweet stroke

Jay Asser 17:22 03/10/2018
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Anta have a come a long way in the basketball shoe game over the years, but Klay Thompson remains their highest profile active player.

While Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant hog most of the limelight in Golden State when it comes to signature kicks, Thompson’s Antas have carved out space as a reliable, functional product.

The Anta KT3 Playoffs builds on its predecessors and is, in our opinion, the best edition in Thomas’ line.

If you already have the KT3, the Playoffs version isn’t going to offer much in the way of significant changes. But the subtle alterations make it an improved shoe, albeit marginally.

Like the KT Light 3, the KT3 Playoffs have a lacing system that runs under midfoot and through the upper to give you a tight feel when you lace them up. This allows for a little bit more of a lockdown feeling – perfect for quicker players.

The KT3 Playoffs also ditches the strap that was featured in the original KT3, which gives the shoe less clutter without losing any functionality. It’s a definite improvement, unless you were into the aesthetics of the strap.

In terms of comfort, the KT3 Playoffs are right on the money. The Anta EVE system that has two foam pads at the heel and forefoot give a nice cushioning, allowing you to cut on a dime and jump without feeling any of the after-effects.

When it comes to traction, the fingerprint-like pattern works like a charm. As long as you limit the shoes’ use to indoor play to keep the outsoles in good condition, the traction should last quite a long time.

All of this comes without the need to break the shoes in. A lack of rigidity make them wearable right out of the box – a valuable feature for those who play sparingly.


If you’re not familiar with Anta’s basketball shoes like we are, you may be reluctant to jump over from one of the big-name brands. But let us assure you, when it comes to value, the KT3 Playoffs deliver the goods.

Plus, you’re likely to stand out from the crowd with a pair of kicks that few others will be rocking.

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