Huawei Watch Fit 2 Review: A reasonably priced fitness tracker with loads of functionality

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  • Huawei have garnered a reputation for themselves in the smartwatches market and the Watch Fit 2 only solidifies their position.

    While other editions seem to focus heavily on sports and fitness, the Fit 2 leans more towards everyday usage and functionality.

    However, it certainly meets all the requirements of a fitness tracker and doesn’t seem to make too many compromises.


    What is immediately most noticeable about the Fit 2 is the sheer size of its 1.74-inch FullView Display screen.

    The AMOLED display looks great but seems a little much if you’re going to be engaged in high-intensity physical workouts.

    The sheer size of it as well may not be the best look for those with smaller wrists.

    That said, one does have to appreciate the quality of image and the fact that it offers superb viewing angles.

    The Watch Fit 2 has a classic look, available in silicone and leather bands. It weighs 40gms with the straps.

    The battery life is fairly decent, allowing for seven days of high usage on a single charge and 10 days of moderate usage.


    The Watch Fit 2 comes with loads of health and fitness features including the HUAWEI TruSeen 5.0 heart rate sensor, which monitors bpm 24/7.

    It can be annoying when your outdoor exercises aren’t logged accurately but this edition comes equipped with a built-in GPS.

    Like other Huawei wearables, it measures blood oxygen (SpO2) and does a superb job of tracking your sleep.

    It also keeps an eye on your stress and respiration rate, prompting you to perform some breathing exercises if you display heightened stress levels.

    The Watch Fit 2 seems to focus on running, allowing you to monitor your metrics in real-time and automatically identifies seven types of workout modes. There are another 90 workout modes to choose from as well.


    With the Watch Fit 2, you can receive notifications from weather reports and moon phases to incoming messages and calls.

    It supports quick replies and even has Bluetooth calling.

    You can also control your music so you don’t have to keep reaching for your phone while training.


    The Watch Fit 2 is perfect for the consumer who doesn’t want to compromise. It performs like a fitness tracker, running watch and smartwatch rolled into one.

    It comes close to the Apple Watch in terms of looks and functionality. While it doesn’t quite match up, it certainly makes sense for its price.