Six top tips for surviving the Dubai Rugby Sevens

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One of the UAE’s favourite sporting events, the Dubai Rugby Sevens, is fast approaching and will take place at the Sevens Stadium from December 5-7.

Whether it’s your first time attending the event or if you’re a seasoned pro, here is a look at our top tips to help get the most out of your weekend.


If you’re based around Dubai or further afield, it’s important to arrive early and avoid the entry queue, which normally starts to build around midday.

Don’t be one of the people who tries to arrive fashionably late because you’ll miss all the fun.

On Sevens weekend, arrive early and make the most of the day!


If you have loose hips like Shakira or are simply in the mood for a consistently good atmosphere, the dnata stand is where it all happens.

You might have some vocal rugby enthusiasts barking from the throngs of the upper stand, but it’s all in good spirits.

If you’re looking for a break away from the dnata stand, the social leagues on pitches two and three offer a combination of solid rugby and plenty of laughs.


The Dubai Sevens is all about what you wear, so if you want to stand out from the crowd then it’s advised to dress up.

Some of the prominent costumes from 2017 include elves, minions, Where’s Wally, Superman, The Incredibles and even a man dressed up as a vending machine.

Do your research early and give yourself enough time to buy or make a unique outfit.


We all love to comfort eat at times, but with many food trucks available at the ground (Bidi Bondi, Left Bank, Giraffe), why not go for a healthy option.

It’ll have you feeling mentally sharp instead of the peaks and troughs that come with feasting on greasy burgers and chips.


It’s always tricky when you have thousands of people battling for taxis at the end of the night, however, last year the queues moved fast and there are even free buses available that bring people back to various locations.

Another option to avoid queuing is to use the Uber or Careem apps and ask the driver to collect you at the gates of the Sevens Stadium.


Barasti, Irish Village and McGettigans are the most popular venues for those making evening plans.

With the weather cooling down, Barasti is the best choice and offers good music and plenty of space. If you have visitors over for the weekend, it’s a safe bet for a consistent night.

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