Car of the week: July 24th – Audi RS7 Sportback

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  • Slick Sportback: Audi RS7 Sportback performs as well as it looks.

    Available from

    Al Nabooda Automobiles- Dubai: Tel 04 378 4444

    Ali & Sons- Abu Dhabi: Tel: 02 665 8000

    Most standard German cars are excellent but they tend not to be hugely fast which makes them nice but dull. That’s why Mercedes have AMG, BMW have M and Audi have RS versions of their vehicles to ensure there are still a few things left in life to keep us exhilarated.

    You need only glance at the superbly designed Audi RS7 hunkered down on its 21-inch wheels to know that this is an exciting piece of kit. It looks like it means business and when it flexes its muscles it delivers spectacularly.

    Audi say the RS7 combines the power of a sports car with the refined luxury of a prestigious fivedoor coupe – in other words, the perfect vehicle for those looking for top-end performance without compromising on space and comfort.

    Let’s look at the best bit first. The RS7 is powered by a twin-turbo four-litre V8 with a stonking 560bhp and 700nm of torque. It is astonishingly fast for a large car with a 0-100kmh time of just 3.9 seconds and, with an optional performance package, will devour huge chunks of road in a blur as it blasts its way to a top speed of 305kmh.

    If your ears haven’t exploded in the process your senses will be carressed by the deep baritone growl from that magnificent engine. The car also features COD (Cylinder on Demand) which means it deactivates four of the eight cylinders when full power is not required, which makes it impressively fuel efficient.

    Power is delivered to the wheels by an eight-speed tiptronic gearbox with ratios set up to provide a sporty performance. All this stunning acceleration is delivered while you sit in absolute luxury in a cabin which oozes real style with leather, wood, carbon and classy veneers.

    The RS instrument cluster is brilliantly designed and all the information delivered with typical German efficiency. An eight-inch retractable screen provides the infotainment visuals with the controls alongside the gear lever on the centre-console. There is also a special, flat-bottomed, three-spoke multifunction steering wheel with aluminium–look paddle shifts.

    The honeycomb-quilted Valcona leather RS sport seats are incredible supportive and comfortable and if you get tired of listening to the divine noise coming from the engine and the sports exhaust there is an excellent Bang & Olufsen sound system.

    The straight-line speed of this car is a thrilling and memorable experience. In corners it is not quite as impressive but still outstanding, thanks to the clever technology they have packed into the RS7.

    The chassis, suspension, sport differential and legendary Audi Quattro four-wheel drive system all ensure it does exactly what you ask of it and driven sensibly you never feel you are pushing too hard although it is wise not to forget that is probably more down to the car’s technology than driver ability.

    The car can be driven in four modes, depending on your mood, comfort, auto, dynamic and individual which decide how it handles. Dynamic provides the sportier experience or you can set the car up as you like it in individual mode.

    Apart from performance the RS7 also ticks the boxes when it comes to space with comfortable rear seats and a large boot.

    It is one of those desirable cars that offer prestige with power and as such it doesn’t come cheap, particularly with the performance options, but you do get an awful lot of Audi for you money, and one almighty injection of testosterone.

    Why Buy It

    It is very fast,
    Audi build quality,
    Cool design,
    Versatile and comfortable,
    Great technology.

    Why Not

    Stuffed with technology that takes away some driver feedback but with so much speed on tap who cares?

    RS7 – Specifications

    Manufacturer : Audi
    Production : 2013 to present
    Class : Sports saloon
    Body style : Four-seater
    Layout : AWD
    Engine : 4-litre twin turbo V8
    Output : 560bhp
    Torque : 700nm
    0-100km : 3.9 seconds
    Transmission : 8-speed tiptronic with paddle shifts
    Kerb weight : 2,029kg
    Top speed : 305kmh (optional)
    Price : From Dh475,000

    Rating: 9/10