WWE TLC: Anderson & Gallows gimmick is a waste

Barnaby Read 14:56 06/09/2016
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Anderson and Gallows are still waiting for a major show of force.

When Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson headed to the WWE, they did so to much fanfare.

At the time the most exciting tag-team outside of the WWE, arguably in the whole of professional wrestling, they bolstered the ranks of a two-man division short on star power.

The move saw them join fellow Bullet Club member AJ Styles, awaiting their fellow Club leader Finn Balor to make the move up to the main shows.

Immediately they were thrust into the Styles vs Roman Reigns storyline and things initially looked good as the pair showcased the ruthlessness that made them key figures of the top-heel stable in New Japan Wrestling.

They faced off against The Usos and the Club vs Family feud looked to be easing us into bigger and better things.

It could be argued that it has been the case, with all three Club members now in title pictures.

However, five months on since Anderson and Gallows showed up on RAW and the pair are quickly turning into a gimmick that they can’t sell.

Testament to that was this week’s RAW, which saw them produce an awful segment with The New Day as they dragged out an aged version of their rivals and painfully attempted to make funny.

But Anderson and Gallows don’t do funny, and neither should they be asked to.

They have now taken on The Clique’s hand gestures by being hated, brutal figures that leave a path of destruction behind them wherever they go.

It is what they do best and what made the WWE stand up and take note in the first place.

By not allowing them to showcase such authority, their standing is slipping in the company.

The New Day continue to dominate the division and the very real threat of Anderson and Gallows is turning into pure fantasy with every week that passes in which they aren’t put over or at the very least, leaving the show with their opponents on the canvas or running in fear.

SummerSlam highlighted the Jekyll and Hyde nature of their WWE run so far.

Fittingly, they came out in doctor attire looking every bit the soft touch, comedy team they’ve unfairly been scripted as.

But then they dominated in the ring and only the return of Big E put an end to the bout, a huge pop that could have finally lit fire under this feud.

Unfortunately, that did not happen and this week’s RAW was another backwards step in both their character and storyline development.

Alongside The New Day and Enzo and Big Cass, these three teams represent vast opportunity for the WWE, each of them over in some way with the Universe.

Having had such little to choose from for such a long time, maybe it’s a case of too many cooks and not enough space on Creative’s menu.

The brand split should have ended such a conundrum and things must be addressed fast to arrest this current slide.

Otherwise, we’ll be going hungry after every show and subsequent pay-per-view.

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