WWE TLC: Rollins’ babyface turn has fans cooing

Barnaby Read 22:08 21/09/2016
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Rollins is now the top face on RAW.

First of all, for anyone who regularly reads this column [thank you and hi mum], you’ll know we’ve been calling for Seth Rollins to turn legitimate babyface for some time.

Yeah, we called it, nay, begged for it way back when for a number of reasons.

Finally, over the course of the past few weeks, the cogs have slowly but surely turned and Rollins will go into Clash of Champions as Monday Night RAW’s top face.

And we absolutely love it.

He has without a doubt proved one of the best heels in recent memory but the manner in which Rollins connects with the WWE Universe meant he had to turn.

With his in-ring ability one of the best in the business and his mic-work top notch, it was never going to be an attempt that failed.

Rollins has so much heat and so much talent that when Triple H returned and flipped the script, it was the injection us wrestling junkies needed.

It also kept RAW’s momentum up in what has been a stellar start to the battle of the brands in WWE.

A case in point for each of these is this week’s RAW.

Rollins’ turn went full circle in a move that showed perfect timing, giving his presence at RAW’s upcoming PPV some real electricity.

First, he battled Rusev for the first time on WWE programming in a match filled with talking points and that ended in a believable count-out that saw neither Superstar lose momentum.

Later in the show, Rollins was stirring the Helmsley-McMahon pot, which developed a storyline on many levels and put him even more over with the Universe.

And he was not even close to being done.

The icing on the cake came with Rollins’ interference in Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns’ steel cage match.

Out came The Architect to climb the steel structure and lay waste to Owens and Rusev with a cross body from the top of the cage, making the save for Reigns – his one time partner and more recently, chief foe.

As far as coming out parties go, you’ll do well to find one better.

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