WWE TLC: Triple H vs Rollins set to steal WrestleMania show

Barnaby Read 10:35 14/03/2017
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  • Rollins and Triple H are former partners.

    It has been unclear over the past month or so whether Triple H and Seth Rollins would actually do battle at WrestleMania.

    Rollins, recovering from a knee injury, promised to face his former mentor but hopes were constantly dampened and talk of a mere confrontation rather than a full-blown match gathered the greater pace.

    But this week’s Monday Night RAW seemed to change all that.

    Rollins ditched his crutch, ran to meet Triple H and then the pair had a brawl for the ages, one that instantly made WrestleMania 33 even more appealing.

    For a card featuring The Undertaker vs Roman Reigns, Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens and the meeting of the giants Brock Lesnar and Goldberg, it had to be something special to increase the hype.

    And that is just what this was on Monday, months of pent up aggression and restrained back and forth ending in a beautiful, brutal storm.

    There are so many dynamics that make the match intriguing and the chemistry between the pair on Monday only fuelled the fire.

    It has been a slow burner but is all the better for it thanks to the superb work of both antagonists on the microphone in the build-up.

    This showdown on Monday will be remembered for its physicality but the work of Triple H on the mic was crucial.

    He once again proved why he is one of the greatest heels in history, berating anyone that crosses his path and resonating with the WWE Universe like few others can.

    Likewise, Rollins has proved time and again in the prefix to the April 2 match-up that he has few equals in the New Era when it comes to cutting promos capable of eliciting emotions at either end of the spectrum and everything in between.

    It is as much a reason for the rise of Rollins and Kevin Owens as their incredible athletic ability.

    It will also be one of the key reasons why Rollins was selected as Triple H’s apprentice, a factor to this fight that adds even greater depth.

    The whole mentor vs apprentice is a no-brainer. Add in the battle of the pedigrees and it’s got even more heat here.

    Throw in Triple H costing Rollins the Universal title and his brutal attacks on the former Shield member and we’ve got plenty to be excited about.

    Roll-on WrestleMania…