WWE TLC: What do the latest CM Punk chants on RAW mean?

Barnaby Read 16:44 21/03/2017
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  • Punk remains a popular man among fans, but not all of them see it the same way.

    On this week’s Monday Night RAW, once again the WWE Universe in attendance flexed their vocal muscles.

    The smarks were out in full force as Triple H spoke about his potential bout with Seth Rollins at WrestleMania.

    One fan in a red jumper was particularly instrumental, willing the crowd as chants of “CM Punk” reverberated around the arena.

    For Triple H, Vince McMahon and the rest of the family clan, every chant will have increased their fury as the decibels rose but deep down they will know that the cat calls were those of a select few and that they were the most futile of exercises.

    Now, Punk was a hugely popular figure in the WWE and his acrimonious split, coupled with his crushing podcasts that followed, left a real sour taste in the mouth of all involved.

    The WWE Universe lost one of the most exciting Superstars on the roster, the WWE their most marketable man outside of John Cena and in his wake a wave of devastating revelations that painted an ugly picture of the WWE and its top brass.

    Since then, Punk made his protracted UFC debut where he was battered by Mickey Gall but while his star rapidly faded in MMA, it is still sky high in wrestling circles.

    With that in mind, the chanting of his name comes as no surprise.

    Then you take a look at Twitter, where Punk was trending in the UAE as the Universe paid homage to him during Triple H’s promo.

    Clearly, it’s not as black and white a story as you might think.

    Yes, people would love to see Punk back in the ring but, and some people will not believe this when it comes to wrestling fans, the realists were in full effect.

    Of course, some viewers were loving it, revelling in the boisterous Brooklyn crowd’s antics.

    But, for the majority, it was pure smark behaviour that was an utter waste of breath.

    As many pointed out, the WWE Universe has long been calling on the promotion of the likes of Sami Zayn and giving deserving Superstars a greater push.

    Instead, those in attendance on RAW looked to Punk, who if he made a return would put the likes of Zayn to the back of the queue once more.

    And, let’s be honest here, Punk is near enough guaranteed not to return to a WWE ring bar an incredible step down from either the former champion or the McMahons.

    Neither have previous in this aspect and as the Twittersphere pointed out, they are far better off backing those on the roster currently fighting their way up the ladder than painting Punk as a picture of their salvation.