The origin of WWE standing for Walk With Elias, plus the drifter's thoughts on 2K19

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Elias at the WWE 2K19 pre-launch event

WWE standing for Walk With Elias is one of the most popular chants in wrestling at the moment – but how did it come about?

We had the chance to quiz the man himself at an exclusive WWE 2K19 pre-launch event, and the answer is pretty simple.

“It was one of those things when I woke up in the middle of the night, like a bolt of lightning had come right to my head and I thought ‘WWE, Walk With Elias’, and it all made sense,” Elias explained.

“I brought it to television the next week, I said it to John Cena, and the whole crowd just took to it right away. The very next week on Monday Night RAW I came out and said ‘WWE stands for’ and everybody said it and have done ever since. It is just perfect, and it makes total sense.”

The drifter has a pretty strong following among the WWE Universe and is soaking up the popularity – even if things don’t always go his way.

There is no better place on Monday Night RAW than the spotlight I have got with my guitar,” he said. “While I do get very upset because I haven’t been able to finish my song, I understand why people like Mike Foley, Trish Stratus and whoever else wants to come out there and be a part of it. They see all the fun I’m having, they’re jealous – I get it.”

As for the future, the message is clear.

“I’ve got to do bigger, better, and more grand performances if you ask me The Universal Championship, and the Intercontinental Championship are goals in my mind I have got to get to them.”

Speaking about WWE 2K19, Elias was impressed with how his character came out, and revealed which legend he would want to play as.

“It looks just like me, which is fantastic,” he said. “I was so surprised as to the detail of the movements, the way I move in the ring, it was so spot on – really impressive.

“I always liked Macho Man Randy Savage, I am sure people could see that sometimes. If I am going as a legend, then I am going as the Macho Man and drop an elbow on somebody.”

The standard edition of WWE 2K19 is released on October 9, with special Deluxe and Woo editions coming four days earlier on October 5.

For more information see https://wwe.2k.com/

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