Ten of the best staredowns in boxing and MMA history

Sport360 staff 13:30 13/01/2017

Who doesn’t love a good staredown? That moment before two fighters are set to do battle, when they lock eyes with an intensity and ferocity that borders on pure hatred. Every boxer, wrestler or fighter worth his salt has been involved in a staredown.

Here are ten of the best.

Silva v Belfort

Anderson Silva sported a white mask for his heated staredown with ex training partner Vitor Belfort.

Penn v Diaz

A head-wrestling match ensued between Nick Diaz and BJ Penn after the former got a bit too close.

JDS v Velasquez

Junior Dos Santos marches into the centre of the ring for every fight. Cain Velasquez met him there.

MacDonald v Lawler

Rory MacDonald and Robbie Lawler’s bloody staredown at the end of the fourth is iconic.

McGregor v Aldo

Hatred and hyperbole created an electric weigh-in eyeball from Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo.

Tyson v McNeeley

Mike Tyson’s eyes ticked from one side to the other like a pendulum as he watched Peter McNeeley.

Jones Jr v Hall

A near riot ensued in the ring as a clearly undersized Roy Jones Jr danced in front of Richard Hall.

Foreman v Frazier

George Foreman dished out the death stare and Joe Frazier responded in kind for a classic staredown.

Jones Jr v Tarver

When asked if he had any questions Antonio Tarver said: “You got any excuses tonight, Roy?”

Ali v Shavers

Muhammad Ali taunted Earnie Shavers by repeatedly rubbing his bald head and smirking at him.


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