10 footballers who have run marathons

Sport360 staff 10:20 14/03/2017
Endurance go-getters: Enrique and Nedved.

Running a marathon is not for the faint-hearted and these ten footballers showed incredible endurance to complete the gruelling 42.195km distance.

It should also be said that most of these marathon runs were completed after the conclusion of their playing careers – illustrating strong levels of fitness.

Barcelona boss Luis Enrique, a keen endurance go-getter who has completed the famed 250km Marathon des Sables race, is the fastest footballer-turned marathon runner.

He recorded a stellar 02:58:08 time in the 2007 Florence Marathon – three years after the end of his playing career.

Indeed, the Blaugrana legend also posted times of 03:14:09 (2005 New York Marathon) and 03:00:19 (2006 Amsterdam Marathon) before finally getting his sub-three in Italy.

In our picture gallery above – we reveal the top ten footballing marathoners and the closest player to Enrique in terms of time.

Times are recorded in Hours, Minutes and Seconds.


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