#360fit: Sports recovery massage at Talise Spa

Recover in style at Talise Spa.

Having gone into the 90-minute treatment with a troublesome niggle around my left knee joint and general muscle tightness, particularly in both calfs, the session was much-needed.

Beforehand, I went through a thorough consultation process with the masseuse, filling out a detailed form to help them plan the treatment, find out about my injury concerns and work out the best way to treat muscle pain.

This tailored, personal approach was terrific as the outcomes and goals of the massage were put in place.

The massage itself was intensive, working deep into the aching muscle groups, helping to reduce stiffness and tightness – and ultimately release tension.

Using soothing muscle oils and the added element of some rigorous stretching exercises which tested my flexibility – both elements helped to iron out the strains I was feeling.

Afterwards, I felt immediately fresh and in a better physical condition then I did when I walked into the top-class facility. Result!

And as far as the venue goes, the setting of Talise Spa, tucked away in the oasis of Madinat Jumeirah, is about as tranquil as it gets.

You could easily spend a whole day there relaxing and rejuvenating.

After my treatment I took some time to explore the Secret Garden (pictured in the gallery above), where you can also enjoy a range of other treatments, including a Thai massage. And, if you like yoga, you can enjoy Sunset Yoga on nearby Madinat Jumeirah Beach.

The outdoor facilities and views of the Madinat and iconic Burj Al Arab were truly stunning – and it was literally the perfect place to take in some reflection time away from the fast pace of Dubai city life.

I also took a quick post-massage dip in the ice bath plunge pool (see lead image) – which I always feel the benefits from.

Exposure to freezing cold water helps the blood vessels bring oxygen to overworked muscle tissue and joints, therefore reducing any build-up of lactic acid.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Talise Spa – whether you’re looking to cure a short or long-term injury, simply relax and enjoy treatments with friends or wish to enjoy a staycation or holiday in Dubai – it’s a must-visit.

A special thanks also goes to the warm and welcoming staff, who went to great lengths to ensure that I got the most out of my short visit.

With all this being said, it’s no surprise whatsoever that Talise Spa has already scooped two awards this year, after they were named Best Wellness Spa in the Middle East Pool and Spa Awards and were also chosen as the World’s Best Hotel Spa Brand.

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