SensoPro Trainer: Revolutionary all-in-one fitness workout

The ultimate way to improve your fitness.

Designed in Switzerland and trialled and tested across Europe, the SensoPro Trainer, exercises multiple skill sets in a single session, achieving a complete body workout in just 20 minutes.

I was put through my paces on the unique piece of kit during January’s Arab Health Expo 2017 event in Dubai and it was a testing and challenging experience.

The concept of SensoPro was born at a Swiss University and in layman’s term is a balancing machine, testing coordination, strength, endurance, cardiovascular and proprioception (correct movement and posture); resulting in fast and effective workout sessions no matter what your fitness goal is.

It includes a built-in video-coaching system and a wide variety of goal-oriented video exercises across sports rehabilitation, health, fitness and pro-training; allowing users to train independently or with a personal trainer overseeing their progress.

It is an excellent way for PTs to work as closely as possible with their clients – and in turn – ensure optimum results are delivered.

Indeed, a host of top European football clubs, including Manchester City, have used the SensoPro as well as stars competing in individual sports, such as three-time Grand Slam champion Stan Wawrinka.

Interestingly, Roger Federer’s renowned fitness coach Pierre Paganini – who has been working with the Swiss legend on co-ordination, balancing and reactionary skills for over two decades – has used the product from time to time with other athletes he has been working with.

The SensoPro comes custom-created in various colours, to complement any brand and interior, and comes with a four-year warranty.

According to Willem Verhaert, Managing Director of PSS Sports Trading, MENA’s sole distributor of the SensoPro Trainer, it is the machine’s unique ability to train the whole musculature system at once that makes it stand apart from other workout machines currently on the market in the UAE.

He said: “At just 3m2 in size, the SensoPro Trainer is the only multi-purpose machine of its kind offering users a complete physical workout in just 20 minutes. PT’s can conduct up to three private sessions in 60 minutes, which in turn, can have a positive impact on their revenue.

“With its multiple resistance and stabilising bands, as well as its sturdy aluminium frame and support railings, the SensoPro Trainer is suitable for all ages and fitness levels, from the unconditioned to the professional athlete.

“Featuring a Floating Aluminium Board on which the user stands, it promotes a unique ‘joint-gentle’ exercise movement and has the added option to de-stabilise the Board for advanced users and pro-training,” concluded Mr Verhaert.

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