IN PICS: Every winner of the IPL

Sport360 staff 13:49 04/04/2017

The IPL is turning a decade old, entering a tenth year since bulldozing its way on to the cricketing calendar with vast riches and a glitz and glamour unseen before its debut.

Back in 2008, spurred on by the nation falling in love with Twenty20 cricket thanks to victory over Pakistan in the first world tournament final, the IPL ushered in a bold new world for the sport.

Traditionalists said it would never last and even the league’s most ardent supporters would have surely struggled to predict the kind of success that the IPL has enjoyed.

It is still the premier T20 tournament in the world and has been replicated the world over by governing bodies wanting to reap the kind of financial rewards the BCCI has done through the IPL.

And as it celebrates a tenth edition, we look back at every winner from the tournament’s history so far.