RAKBANK uses Barcelona fans' emotions to turn memories into art

Sport360 staff 13:26 01/02/2020
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RAKBANK has turned memories of Barcelona fans into art using tech.

‘Memotraits’ (Memory + Portrait) transforms emotional data into abstract art with the help of an Electroencephalography (EEG) headset.

RAKBANK invited unsuspecting Barcelona fans to participate in this unique social experiment, all documented in a video content piece.

How did this work?

The participants were connected to an EEG headset that monitored human brainwaves and turned it into data. As they shared their memories, the headset captured three types of emotions. Concentration, Excitement and Relaxation.

An algorithm specially designed for this experiment, assigned values and a shade of colour to each data point. Each data point is denoted with a stroke of pattern based on the assigned values. As more emotional data fed in the program, more patterns evolved in different colors and transformed raw data into art.

Memories & Art – Insight & Inspiration

So why Art? Art is often displayed for aesthetic reasons but viewing it actively can evoke emotions, thoughts and memories. Memories are all about connections, especially first-time experiences that get imprinted in our minds.

It may be a memory of your first love, your first car, your child’s first step…moments that one want to relive every day. But in today’s digital era, memories reside more on smartphones. We as humans crave for physical objects and tangible experiences.

RAKBANK being the Regional Partner of Barcelona in the UAE, wanted its Barca fans to relieve their memories of Camp Nou. The thrill of watching Barcelona play live at the home stadium invokes emotions, similar to first-time experiences.

As the fans shared these Camp Nou memories, the data points are visually transformed by associating each emotion to a Barcelona brand colour.

Concentration = Blue

Excitement = Shade of Garnet

Relaxation = Yellow

For over 100 years, these colours have come together on the shirts of Barcelona players, especially blue and garnet; this is why the football club is also known as the equip blaugrana (blue and garnet team). So these colors hold true to any Barca fan. For these fans, MEMOTRAITS depicts their MEMORIES of Camp Nou transformed into beautiful PORTRAITS. RAKBANK made it possible for these fans to touch, see and relive these memories every day.

MEMOTRAITS - Participants

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