WATCH: Westbrook drops assist of the season

Sport360 staff 17:28 17/03/2017
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Westbrook scored 24 points, had 10 rebounds and made 16 assists to lead the Thunder to a 123-102 win over the Toronto Raptors – their fourth on the bounce.

One of his assists, in particular, caught the eye, with the 28-year-old throwing a cleverly weighed cross court bounce pass to Victory Oladipo that thread the needle between the legs of the defender en route to a stunning score.

Moreover, Westbrook is only seven triple-doubles behind Oscar Robertson’s record of 41 for most in an NBA season, going back to the 1960s.

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Westbrook passes Wilt with 32 triple-doubles

Sport360 staff 15:39 12/03/2017
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Westbrook getting his teammates involved

Russell Westbrook scored 33 points, grabbed 11 rebounds and had 14 assists in a 112-104 victory over the Utah Jazz on Saturday. Westbrook passed Wilt “the stilt” Chamberlain with 32 triple-doubles in a single season.

Oscar Robertson holds the record of 41 triple-doubles in a single season, (1961-62) but Westbrook is inching closer to the record with this latest performance.

The Thunder now holds the 6th place in the western conference standings and will play the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday.

Watch the video of Westbrook’s recent display above from the NBA YouTube channel.

Will Westbrook overtake Robertson?

Share with us your thoughts by commenting below, using #360fans on Twitter or getting in touch via Facebook.

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NBA's top 10 for all-time 3-pointers

Laith Malhas 20:53 08/03/2017

Stephen Curry, a back-to-back MVP, has passed Chauncey Billups to clinch 10th place on the all-time list of three-pointers made.

Curry cracked the top 10 list against the New York Knicks on Sunday, when he hit a three-pointer from beyond the arch to surpass Billups who made 1830 three-pointers in his illustrious 17-year career.

After the Golden State Warriors beat the Atlanta Hawks on Monday night, Curry nailed six three’s which adds to up a total of 1839 and counting.

As a result of Curry’s continuing assault on the record books, we take a look at the top ten all-time three-pointers made.


The reigning MVP has made a career out of three-pointers.

The 28-year-old is widely considered one of the greatest shooters of all time, if not the greatest.

The sharp-shooting point guard has led the race in three-pointers made in the last four seasons, and leads the table this campaign with 246 threes.

CAREER STATS: 1839 three-pointers – 437 career percentage.


The veteran shooting guard has one of the best shooting strokes in the league. His solid catch and shoot skills have kept him in the NBA, serving as a journeyman shooting guard since 2001.

Johnson had stints with seven different teams, with his time at the Atlanta Hawks and Phoenix Suns serving as his most successful.

CAREER STATS: 1903 three-pointers – 373 career percentage.


A championship winner with the Dallas Mavericks in 2011, Jason Kidd had a stellar NBA career spanning 21 years.

Kidd was a superb rebounding and passing point guard but was never considered a great shooter.

The competitive point guard worked on his shooting ability and ended up 8th on the list for most three’s made.

CAREER STATS: 1988 three-pointers – 349 career percentage.


Vince Carter has been synonymous with high-flying dunks and attacking the rim with reckless abandon.

He was never a feared sharpshooter from the outside, but with experience, he has steadily improved his shooting from the three-point line.

The veteran guard has played for six different teams over his 18-year career in the NBA.

CAREER STATS: 2019 three-pointers – 373 career percentage.


The 16-year veteran has been a starter and a bench player throughout his career.

Crawford is immensely talented on offense with his quick handles and shooting ability.

The journeyman guard has made a career of clutch three-pointers and efficient shooting, offering his talents to six different teams over a 16-year NBA career so far.

CAREER STATS: 2021 three-pointers – %349 career percentage.


The spot up shooter was recently traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers from Atlanta Hawks, joining LeBron James and Kyrie Irving.

The 6’7 guard can shoot in transition and is a lethal static shooter as well.

His addition will definitely help the Cavs as they go in search of a second straight NBA title.

CAREER STATS: 2026 three-pointers – 431 career percentage.


Pierce is a Celtics legend, having started his career in Boston where he led them to an NBA title in 2008 alongside Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen.

The 39-year-old developed a deadly three-point shot over the years, used mostly in the clutch.

The future hall of famer is currently closing towards the end of his career at the Los Angeles Clippers.

CAREER STATS: 2138 three-pointers – 369 career percentage.


The “JET” was one the best spot up shooters from beyond the arch.

Playing with the Dallas Mavericks in his prime, Terry was a feared shooter and a vocal leader on the 2011 championship winning team that upset the Miami Heat.

Terry has plied his trade in the NBA for 17 years and is currently on the roster at Milwaukee Bucks.

CAREER STATS: 2220 three-pointers – 380 career percentage.


NBA legend and hall of fame inductee Miller is one of the greatest three-point shooters of all time.

Reggie played his entire career in Indiana and made the Pacers a contender in an era when the Eastern Conference was dominated by Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls and Patrick Ewing’s New York Knicks.

The star guard never won a championship in Indiana but ended his career proving that he was one of the best.

CAREER STATS: 2560 three-pointers – 395 career percentage.


The man with the sweetest shot in NBA history, Allen tops the list for three-pointers made and boasts one of the best percentages in league history.

Allen won two NBA titles with the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat, before retiring in 2014 after two years with the Heat, leaving the game as basketball’s greatest marksman.

CAREER STATS: 2973 three-pointers – 400 career percentage.

Let us know who your favourite sharpshooter in the NBA is using #360fans on Twitter or on Instagram or getting in touch via Facebook.

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