Rush-A-Way Corporate event will see you escape the office

Sport360 staff 19:47 27/03/2017
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Teamwork is key to tackling the various challenges next month.

Rush-A-Way are known for their adventure races and now they’re adding a corporate twist to their experience with their Corporate Challenge.

To be held on Saturday, April 22 at a venue that will be revealed two weeks prior, the event is set to pit corporate teams against each other as participants battle for the title.

The Corporate Challenge is open to 100 teams comprised of two to four members, who will navigate through eight different challenges.

Each challenge is set up at different locations around Dubai, which competitors will get to by use of a car. The location details of the next challenge will be given when teams complete the previous challenge.

As always, the team with the highest score in the end will earn bragging rights and the grand prize, making this less of a race and more of a competition based on the results throughout.

If you’ve never taken part in a Rush-A-Way challenge before, here’s what you can expect from the various challenges on the course.

For one, they are designed to test teams’ skillsets across the board, which will allow different members to shine.

The tests will require a range of different skills to be successfully completed.

If you’re a jack of all trades, you’ll have a better chance of completing the challenges as they’ll range from testing speed, logic, fitness, accuracy, perseverance and navigational skills. Most of all though, the challenges will force teams to work together to build teamwork and camaraderie – key factors in the workplace.

Following the conclusion of the event, medals and trophies will be given to the teams who finish in first, second and third place, while an Excellence Award will be presented to the organisation with the most entries and a Best Performing Company Award handed to the organisation whose top three teams accumulated the most points.

Teams can sign up now through and receive an early bird discount until April 8, before the regular registration fee applies from April 9 onwards. Included in the entry fee is a branded t-shirt with company name and logo, along with a goody bag.

Team members must represent their company and be aged 18 or older, while one person on the team must have a valid UAE driving license and one smartphone with 3G/4G internet to access the Rush-A-Way web application, which will give all the relevant information during the event.

Build teamwork outside of the office and go on an adventure with your colleagues in the Rush-A-Way Corporate Challenge.

WHAT: Rush-A-Way Corporate Challenge
WHEN: Saturday, April 22

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