#360fit: One More Rep - Get your body fighting fit in thirty days

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  • Different approach: Gene Birks (r) promises to transform your body in one month.

    With over twenty years of experience in Health and Fitness, Gene Birks and his new venture One More Rep offer an array of services to help get you in the best physical and mental shape for 2016, including a guaranteed body transformation in thirty days.

    One More Rep’s mission is provide the highest quality sports services including personal training, learn to swim and fun filled boot camps that allow you to keep fit while also enjoying a tough challenge.

    At the helm of the company is Gene, who brings an expertise amassed from a highly successful international swimming and fitness career. He competed in the United States on a fully paid athlete scholarship for the University of Wyoming, and went on to represent Australia at the World Cup in Melbourne in 2003 & Dubai 2011.

    Among many of his great achievements – aside from lining up for his nation – is winning the 100 butterfly at the 2004 MWC Championships, setting a new school record in the process.

    A good friend of his is ex-Olympic sensation Ian Thorpe of Australia whom he met as a ten-year-old in 1992. Training together he got to see firsthand the talents and commitment of Thorpey who’d go on to win five Olympic golds as well as multiple World Championships over a glittering career in the water.

    “You think you’re strong and fast, and then you race Ian and it’s like racing a whale shark. He’s so fast,” Gene says when reminiscing of training alongside Thorpe.

    Take you pick: Sessions are held at various locations across Dubai.

    Take you pick: Sessions are held at various locations across Dubai.

    A life-time love of fitness brought Gene to Dubai where One More Rep continues to thrive with boot camp classes running across many locations including Dubai Offshore Sailing Club in the mornings & evening sessions at Golden Mile Palm Jumeirah, Bay Avenue Park Business Bay & Skydive Dubai.

    “If your serious & follow our program daily we guarantee to transform your body if you come along and stick with our plan for one month’. There’s boot camp challenges, nutritional tips, daily motivation broadcasts & private focused sessions to help you achieve whichever goal you may have as efficiently as possible” said Gene.

    “I look at health and fitness holistically so I believe variety is going to keep you motivated and engaged, this includes Body Sculpting, CrossFit, Calisthenics, Yoga, Pilates, Boxing, Running and Swimming.”

    “First and foremost however I like to see how clients function and move with their core engaged, so much of the time I deal with poor posture & back pain attributed from long hours spent at computers & driving here in the UAE. We want to make sure people are fit and healthy with their diet, toning up, losing weight, and feeling strong and confident.”

    Coming into January, most people want to feel confident and healthier after a few weeks of downtime over Christmas. Even though we’re approaching the third week of the month, it’s never too late to embark on a new path and get back into a healthy routine.

    Of the many discussions at present, weight loss is a big topic as people want to feel lighter and sharper, whether it’s for sport or for personal reasons. In order to assist with this subject, Gene says: “A combination of healthy habits including fitness and diet is the key. You want to balance your stress too. Dubai can be a really stressful place and most of us don’t have a lot of free time so we want to do the most with what we have on a daily basis.”

    “I always advocate eating clean whole foods and setting some time each day strictly for yourself to exercise. Getting enough sleep at night is also an important issue and don’t be afraid to go and seek the advice of a health professional we are here to help you keeping you engaged and motivated, and ultimately achieving your goals.

    Prioritizing is essential outside of work in order to accomplish your fitness aspirations. This comes in the form of some short exercise every day and making disciplined choices with your diet.

    “If you can stick to the paleo type of diet it is a simple way to start before making the choice to work with a professional. I don’t advocate going off everything at all either. We’re all humans so if you believe you have earned a reward by all means do it in moderation. Just do your best and don’t beat yourself up negatively if things don’t go to plan. Do your best to stick with the program and take each day as it comes,” he said.

    “Cutting out the preservatives from your life is also important. Along with this, having breakfast every morning, keep it to a whole foods, plenty of leafy greens, lots of water and things like lemon & herbal teas to cleanse your system.”

    One More Reps mission it to achieve your goals in an enjoyable way while building a solid platform to help you feel confident in your daily life. If you would like to contact Gene directly to organize a free health & fitness assessment please email him [email protected]


    Helping Gene achieve the goals of One More Rep’s clients is Jamal Masri. Fitness & Boot Camp Manager a Jordanian trainer who is brilliant at issuing insightful instructions in a clear and positive manner. Here he offers Sport360 five quick tips on training and diet.

    1. If you’re not familiar with the weights, learn the form first. The first thing is if you’re doing free weights or anything, get the form right.

    2. Start with light weights and build gradually. Try to add more weight each week to gauge your progress.

    3. Stretch before your exercises. Stretching is relaxing the muscles, so make sure you do a dynamic stretch to get the blood flowing to the muscles. A static stretch for five-ten minutes after the session is great to help keep the muscles flexible. Do some rolling to get the muscle tissues the right way.

    4. If you’re training hard, eat well. You need to go with a high protein. You don’t need to go for a very strict diet, but go for as simple as possible – chicken, steak, brown rice, veggies.”

    5. Primary exercises to focus on are: squat, sit-ups for the core, and press-ups & pullups as they work your triceps, chest, shoulders and biceps.

    If you would like to contact Jamal directly for a free health & fitness assessment please email him at [email protected]