#360fit: A Guide To Sports Nutrition & Supplements

NutritionSouq 14:36 04/12/2015
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  • What are the best supplements to help your diet?

    Getting the right balance of proteins, vitamins & minerals, carbs and fats from your daily meals can be difficult. Bolstering your diet with additional sports nutrition and supplements is a great option.  This guide to sports nutrition and supplements will give you a great insight and help you make informed choices about adding supplements to your diet.

    Even though the market is awash with thousands of different foods, we rarely get all the nutrients we need from the food we eat, no matter how diverse our diets might be.

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    This problem is only compounded for those who work out regularly, as nutritional needs become more important for recovery and repair.

    Supplements can play an important role in the quest to find and maintain a fit body. Just remember to speak to your doctor about the possible side effects of any supplements before beginning use.



    Multivitamin supplements will give you all the essential vitamins you might not get in your regular diet. They help prevent deficiencies by filling in the gaps your diet misses out. Use this supplement at the same time everyday for optimum results.

    When choosing  multivitamin, opt for one which nearly covers your daily recommended allowance (RDA) of each vitamin, that way you can make up the rest with the food you eat and won’t go over your RDA.

    Whey isolate protein powder (low carb)

    Protein is the muscle’s building blocks and an auxiliary source of energy. People aspiring to gain muscle mass or strength need to increase their intake of protein with a supplement. Whey isolate protein powder is easily absorbed and gets to your muscles fast encouraging recovery and repair. Take a scoopful within the first 30 minutes post workout for optimum results.

    A low carb variety is a good option to prevent excess weight gain as un-burnt carbohydrate stores are a recipe for disaster.



    Supergreens are the body’s sanitizers. They improve the body’s general efficiency, by boosting immunity, nutrient absorption and energy levels. Supergreens are a perfect supplement for people who don’t like vegetables or don’t have ready access to fresh fruit and veg. One scoop of supergreens powder has as much nutrients as what you would get from 10 servings of vegetables. WOW!

    Fish Oils

    A fish oil supplement will give you essential fatty acids that will improve your immunity, brain function, skin and hair. Moreover, fish oil is essential in stimulating fat burning.

    Magnesium/Calcium complex

    These are the top two minerals associated with muscle function and bone formation. The supplement will ensure that your muscles work properly by enhancing contraction and relaxation. In addition to this, they help you recover faster from workouts and relieve cramps.  The calcium element also ensures strong bones, so you can lift heavier!

    BCAAs (Brain Chain Amino Acid)


    Proteins (Amino Acids) are the main building blocks of the human body. BCAAs improve your protein absorption rate and prevent a catabolic environment within the body. This is particularly important for those looking to gain muscle mass. The best time to take this supplement is pre workout as it can also help increase stamina and cut down on muscle fatigue.


    Sounds scary, right? Well, not really! Anything that enhances metabolism will help you burn more fat. Thermogenic supplements are basically fat burners which enhance fat cell breakdown, help boost metabolism and boost your energy levels. Just remember to take the supplement on an empty stomach or 2 hours after a meal.

    We strongly suggest speaking with your doctor before taking such a supplement as this supplement can increase the heart rate and may have adverse side effects.

    Vitamin C

    Although vitamin C can be found in a multivitamin tablet, it is one of the greatest vitamins supplements. This may be your choice over a multivitamin should you be getting all the other nutrients you need from your diet. This may also be your preferred choice if you work out particularly hard and want to keep your immune system in tip top shape. Vitamin C basically keep your immune system strong so you can continue working hard and being generally awesome!

    Article provided by: Nutrition Souq