REVIEWS: S-Drive Performance Trainer Treadmill

Sport360 staff 16:50 24/03/2017
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  • S-Drive Performance Trainer Treadmill

    The S-Drive Performance Trainer isn’t just your standard gym treadmill.

    For those of you that like forward-thinking fitness kit with advanced technology, then the S-Drive has the answers.

    The state-of-the-art self-powered treadmill is perfect for all running abilities, but it is designed more for those people who want to push themselves – and in the process – run faster, quicker and even jump higher.

    A standout feature is the 7-degree incline which is ideal for building strength and explosiveness with proper technique, whether it is performing forward, lateral or reverse movements.

    Couple that with its parachute and sled brakes – both extremely tough on the legs where you can vary between cardio and strength-building workouts.

    The sled brake has eight settings which provides a real-life weighted sled pushing experience, while the parachute brake has 11 settings which gives the feel of real parachute resistance.

    Having tested its efficiency, the S-Drive is an ideal piece of kit to use as part of your circuit training and works on many different aspects of fitness, whether you are looking to build endurance, explosive pace or mix-up your routine.

    Having a wide range of settings like this allows you to alter your level of difficulty, depending on whether you are doing a strength or endurance session whether that be in the gym or your own house.

    As a whole, we are thoroughly impressed by the S-Drive and it will definitely bring smiles to the faces of those looking to push their fitness boundaries on a daily basis.


    Middle East Office – JHT UAE


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