Rush-A-Way Corporate Challenge

100 teams. 8 challenges. 1 winner. Register for Rush-A-Way's Corporate Challenge for a glimpse of Dh15,000 in prizes.

  • 22.04.2017
  • 8:45 am

With the Mercedes-Benz and JLT Challenges done and dusted, Rush-A-Way’s team introduces the next hurdle obstructing teams from Grand Prize success.

The Corporate Challenge pits 100 teams from different organisations against one another. Members will need to work together and synergise to best the obstacles that lie ahead.

Such challenges will test their mental fortitude, navigational prowess and of course, physical fitness in a series of eight unconventional tasks. These tasks will not be disclosed until race day.

Teams are required to include no less than two and no more than four individuals.

TIME: 08:45 PRICE: Dh200 ORGANISERS: Rush-A-Way PHONE: +971-50-552-3804 EMAIL: [email protected] MORE INFO:


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