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Fitlife DXB offers private fitness training and boot-camps at South Ridge (Downtown), Kite Beach, Barsha Park, JVC, The Villa and Al Waha/Layan, with are British trainers  who are REPS registered and specialise in nutrition, obesity, diabetes and injury rehabilitation.

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Ross Hanrahan (trainer and former British Royal Marine Commando) had been training Ben Sautelle-Smith (client and investor) for several months in 2015, when the two realised that the fitness training industry in the UAE was in need of a new approach. From Ross’ perspective, trainers were generally unhappy with the lack of support provided by fitness companies and unfair terms of employment, which impacted the trainers’ enthusiasm, commitment and work product. Luckily Ben had found Ross, but his search had shown that the quality of fitness companies and their trainers was very inconsistent, most were operating without correct visas or permits and it was difficult to find good value for money. FitLifeDXB was born out of these problems. FitLifeDXB guarantees to treat its trainers and its clients better than anyone else in the industry. Happy trainers mean happy clients.


  • Free Group Training/Bootcamp trial with no obligation

  • Access the FitLifeDXB guarantee: achieve agreed goals or you receive your money back

  • Access to the highest quality, UK-qualified trainers

  • Comprehensive health, fitness and injury consultation and assessment

  • Continual ongoing support including tailored fitness and nutrition programming, regular performance monitoring, wellness packs, recipe and training ideas, with 24/7 trainer contact and social media engagement.

  • Access to the FitLifeDXB platform, providing exclusive benefits and discounts on fitness apparel, healthy food and supplements

  • Refer a friend to Group Training/Bootcamps and receive get 3 free Group Training/Bootcamp sessions

Telephone: 052 578 7007

Email: [email protected]

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PHONE: 052 578 7007

EMAIL: [email protected]


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