Fitness and Health: With En Vogue’s Slimming Solution, you will feel the pinch

Hiba Khan - Writer 16:14 27/07/2017
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  • No pain, no gain for Sport360's Hiba Khan.

    Slimming procedures are something people always take with a grain of salt, but we at Sport360° go the extra mile to validate the, at times outrageous, claims made by beauty and fitness centres.

    Valentina Weber volunteered to act as our human guinea pig and help us test out En Vogue’s double slimming treatment that is guaranteed to show results after the first session.

    The Guinot double slimming aims at reducing cellulite that gets deposited in the cutaneous folds along with excess fluid that causes the swelling in tissues by using three simultaneous actions.

    The three actions are sculpting, ionisation and muscle stimulation, which supposedly gives visible results and gets the body in shape.

    The treatment starts off with the beautician massaging in a generous dollop of the serum gel, which contains anti-cellulite and draining active ingredients, which penetrate to the core of cellulite.

    A vacuum sculptor is then applied to the body that sucks in the skin, breaking down the fat accumulation and dispersing them at the same time.

    The intensity of the suction can be regulated depending on one’s pain threshold and as the muscle gets more stimulation the fat becomes easier to eliminate.

    As the sculptor moves around, it produces muscle contractions that not only tone the area, but also enhances blood circulation that further facilitates the burning up of fats.


    Guinot give it a go: En Vogue’s double slimming treatment takes place in their sleek JLT studio in Dubai.

    En Vogue are situated in JLT.

    Before starting the procedure, we made sure to take all the necessary measurements and then got prepped for the treatment.

    The treatment is nearly 45 minutes long and from what we could learn from the beautician, it focuses on the areas of the body that are more prone to fat deposition like thighs, waist and upper arms.

    When the sculptor first came into contact with the skin, the suction was quite painful, but being the trooper that Valentina is, she still went through the whole procedure.

    “At first the sculptor did cause a lot of pain, but after the therapist reduced the level it was bearable, but in areas like my inner thighs, which is already quite sensitive, the suction was still extremely painful,” said Valentina.

    The intensity of the sculptor can be regulated and decreased as per the client’s comfort, but the intensity also depends on the amount of cellulite deposition in the body.


    Once the procedure was over, we retook her measurements and much to our astonishment, Valentina had lost half an inch across all of them.

    “I was slimy because of the serum gel and wanted to take a shower, but I could feel that my skin felt tighter. The procedure was not a painless one for me and I am sure the experience is going to be different depending on the pain threshold of each individual and the amount of cellulite, but my skin definitely felt tighter and smoother,” she added.

    “However, I would not say that one can solely rely on this method for weight loss. It should definitely be paired up with a strict diet and regular exercise for better results.

    After one session, I saw how toned my body got, but it’s not something I will quit the gym for. I will definitely come back here to help amplify the benefits.”

    The results from the treatment spoke for itself and we can vouch for the efficacy of the procedure in producing visible results after the first session.

    WHAT: En Vogue Double Slimming Treatment, Dh400 per session

    WHERE: En Vogue Beauty Centre, JLT Cluster E, Dubai

    VERDICT: A great way to tone your body, but it should be paired with a healthy diet and rigorous fitness regime.