#360fit: Top spots to train in Dubai without spending a dirham

NutritionSouq 14:44 15/12/2015
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  • Where is your favourite place to train in Dubai?

    They say that fitness is the great leveller. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, you can still get fit and healthy. Let’s take a look at some of the top spots to train in Dubai without spending a Dirham.

    For many people today, who equate fitness with a gym membership, money, or lack of it, is, indeed, a barrier to their progress. Yet, there are still many ways to get your fitness in for free. Here are some of Dubai’s best spots and what to do when you get there!

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    Running is still one of the best ways to prime your cardiovascular system and burn calories. Running outdoors offers so many benefits over an indoor track or a treadmill. You are breathing in fresh air, soaking up Vitamin D and giving yourself a visually stimulating experience. In addition you are providing your body with an undulating surface, which keeps it guessing rather than a uniform running surface as is the case with indoor options. This will enhance you functional fitness tremendously.

    Try out some of these awesome running spots in Dubai:

    Marina Promenade / Walk

    This stunning cluster of apartment buildings that surround the Dubai Marina provides an awesome running course to stimulate the senses while you’re pounding the pavement. One full lap is enough to get a serious workout. You can start and finish here for a nice loop.

    The Marina is one of the best places in Dubai to train for free.

    Barsha Park

    At Barsha Park you’ll find a 1.4 km track that surrounds a beautiful pond. Even better, the track is marked at 100 m intervals, meaning you can use it for either speed or endurance. You can gain access to the park opposite Barsha Mall here.

    JBR The Walk

    How does working out right on the beach sound, followed by a refreshing swim? Well, that is exactly what you can do at JBR, the local version of Venice Beaches’ famous Muscle Beach gym in Los Angeles. As well as the weight machines and free weights, it’s also got a running track to allow you to get in a truly balanced workout. You’ll find this trainer’s dream right on the beach at JBR The Walk.

    Jumeirah Beach

    Known as the Beverley Hills of the Middle East, Jumeirah boasts some stunning scenery. The beach and the newly laid running track offer plenty of opportunity to jog, run or sprint while you take in the beautiful landscape and sea breeze. Find it here.

    Burj Park

    This is really a great location for a run if you live near the downtown area. With it’s unobstructed views of Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountains, Burj park has an 11,300 sq m lawn, providing plenty of space to put you through your paces.

    Palm Jumeirah

    Palm Jumeirah running track is  2.7km track that has a whole host of training gear interspersed along it’s course. Following the course of the monorail, the trail can be accessed at the front of the Fairmont Hotel. It even has a playground area for the kids. Gain access here.


    Dubai offers an impressive range of outdoor resistance training alternatives.

    Whether it’s by utilising your own body weight, working from fixed structures with TRX bands of training on fixed station machinery, Dubai offers an impressive range of outdoor resistance training alternatives to work your anaerobic system. Here are some of the top offerings . . .

    JLT Exercise Trail

    The Jumeirah Lakes Towers short park running trail features a series of exercise stations that are spread out along the route to provide a balanced workout that mixes cardio with strength training. This one isn’t too long and is perfect for beginners looking to get a free workout. The more adventurous can do a few laps. It is located in the north cluster of JLT here.

    Skydive Dubai Workout Park    

    Also located in Dubai Marina, the Skydive Dubai workout park is a fitness lover’s dream. It features ropes for climbing, boxes for plyometrics and a sprint track to do your High intensity Interval cardio training.  Best of all, you don’t have to pay a Dirham to use it.

    JBR The Walk – Exercise Trail

    JBR offers a workout an exercise trail which runs alongside the beach. It is fairly short and can be busy, so get here early morning or later in the evening to enjoy the quiet times.

    Palm Jumeirah Exercise Trail

    The Palm Jumeirah running track features workout stations spaced apart in circuit fashion. You’ll be able to perform chin ups, dips, leg raises, push-ups and a host of other movements as you make your way around the circuit, By the time you’ve completed a lap, you will have gotten in a complete workout. Start and finish here.

    Article provided by: Nutrition Souq